Cranky letter to the editor 2007

By LETTERS TO THE PORTLAND EDITOR  |  September 19, 2007 Cranky is cranky I was bummed to see that your article on Portland street musicians (“Urban Bards,” by Deirdre Fulton, August 3) failed to mention me. Come on! I’m Cranky the Clown School Dropout! Any one who has the slightest knowledge in identifying buskers in Portland at… Continue reading Cranky letter to the editor 2007


No hackneyed tunes

One of Cranky's stipulations is to try to play songs that no one is familiar with. The archivist in him gets pleasure from reviving the old hidden treasures. That being said there are are few more well know early jazz tunes that have found their way into Cranky's repertoire. (Caravan, I've Found a New Baby,… Continue reading No hackneyed tunes

As seen by Cranky

H.H. Hay Building 5:40pm Sept. 26, 2014

Once or twice a year a drunk pan-handler will come up to Cranky insisting that he give them some money. After all, it's right there in plain sight in Cranky's donation bucket. It's always a chore to shoo these folks away as reason is not in their repertoire, and with the sight of a bucket… Continue reading H.H. Hay Building 5:40pm Sept. 26, 2014

As seen by Cranky

Pin-wheel Moxie

Last night a rather round woman wearing a haphazard combination of colored shawls made a bee-line for Cranky. She was holding up a blue and silver pin-wheel, spinning vigorously in the wind, attached to a can of Moxie. Upon her approach and all through her one minute stand in front of Cranky she was lauging… Continue reading Pin-wheel Moxie