Jabbo Smith comic book story by Harvey Pekar, illustrated by Joe Sacco

Cranky luvs Jabbo

Many, many years before the origin of The Clown School Dropouts and the creation of Cranky. Ur-Cranky or Proto-Cranky, lets call him, discovered the early jazz trumpeter Jabbo Smith. Interestingly enough the discovery wasn't made through music but from a written story, a comic book, to be precise. The eye opening moment came from reading… Continue reading Cranky luvs Jabbo

As seen by Cranky

H.H. Hay Building 5:40pm Sept. 26, 2014

Once or twice a year a drunk pan-handler will come up to Cranky insisting that he give them some money. After all, it's right there in plain sight in Cranky's donation bucket. It's always a chore to shoo these folks away as reason is not in their repertoire, and with the sight of a bucket… Continue reading H.H. Hay Building 5:40pm Sept. 26, 2014