As seen by Cranky

H.H. Hay Building 5:40pm Sept. 26, 2014

Once or twice a year a drunk pan-handler will come up to Cranky insisting that he give them some money. After all, it’s right there in plain sight in Cranky’s donation bucket.

It’s always a chore to shoo these folks away as reason is not in their repertoire, and with the sight of a bucket of dollar bills and spare change they can’t comprehend why Cranky can’t just give them some.

Cranky’s has found that the best thing to do is to cause confusion. So far the most effective line has been, “That’s not my money.” Don’t explain it, just repeat it, then they go away.

Last night this scenario played out, but this time the drunk was belligerent enough to kick over Cranky’s bucket. Never happened before. Luckily some of Cranky’s friends were close by and it wasn’t windy so the bills were easily scooped up as Cranky was threatening to call 911 which effectively made the guy walk away.

One guy even came over to give Cranky a sympathy buck. In return Cranky played an adrenaline pumped version of Vol Vist Du Gallly Star.



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