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Equipment Failure – Achievements in the Pathetic.

Cranky’s seasons have a long tradition of ending on a sour note, so to speak. There was the time that Cranky was playing in Congress Square on a cold Friday evening toward the end of October.  A derelict fellow came up and insisted that that he should have a dollar out of Cranky’s bucket. When… Continue reading Equipment Failure – Achievements in the Pathetic.

Street Report

Cranky’s last day of 2014?

Cranky was graced by a ton of his fans this morning at the Deering Oaks Farmer's Market. On this uncharacteristically warm October day there was good cheer felt by all. This could very well have been the last appearance of Cranky for 2014. One of Cranky’s mottos is “it’s good to go out on a… Continue reading Cranky’s last day of 2014?