Black Coffee, Billie Hibberd vocals. Bluebird B-6013-B Label
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Black Coffee and other Delights

Cranky just put the finishing touches on his set list for the 2017 season. This year may see nine new song, bringing the Cranky Hit List (CHL) total to 77 songs. Cranky is hedging on the actual number of nine songs making the cut, since, if past years are any indication, some of these new… Continue reading Black Coffee and other Delights


This is your Cranky on Ellington.

Another Cranky inspiration. Long time member of Cranky's playlist is Everybody Stomp by the Cotton Club Orchestra (Duke Ellington). Cranky likes songs that offer much more than appears on the surface. Sort of a, the whole is more than the sum of its parts, but inverted. The parts are more than the whole. So… Continue reading This is your Cranky on Ellington.