Straw Boater and Chuck Taylor Hi-tops.
Street Report

Cranky head to toe.

If you blinked you missed it. Cranky's "soft-launch" of the 2016 season. A 90 minute appearance at the Portland Farmers Market in Deering Oaks. The big new Cranky accouterments this year (the picture is self-explanatory). Cranky changes the top and the bottom, everything  in the middle remains the same.

As seen by Cranky

Cranky is in the basement, listening…listening.

Cranky's Winter Hiatus is in full swing. But lest you think that Cranky is presently lounging on a Florida beach, consider that his work ethic would rule out such indulgences. Cranky's idea of taking time off is to work on new material. A frequent ear out for songs in the circus jazz vein has the… Continue reading Cranky is in the basement, listening…listening.