Keilwerth SX90 Straigh Alto Saxophone with black nickle finish

Cranky’s Spring Training

Cranky has been hard at work prepping for the coming 2015 season.

The illustrious Keilwerth Straight Alto is in the shop for some much needed TLC. Some new pads and adjustments were long over due, but the well adjusted horn will be back in play by the end of April. In the meantime Cranky’s back up alto “Marty” (Martin brand) has been keeping his chops up.

Cranky loves woodshedding (or in his case ‘cellaring’) new tunes and revamping old ones. We’ll be hearing a couple new Comelade tunes this year and hopefully Cranky’s version of Sweet Lorraine which never really took off last year, fell flat actually, will blossom into the preciousness  the melody deserves.

Just the other night Cranky was very encouraged by his own impromptu  rip roaring rendition of Michigander Blues ,which tore the roof off.

Crank loves encouragement in the form of his own meager capabilities.

Cranky thrives in his own feedback loop.

A goal has been set for May 1st for Cranky’s debut (pronounced De Butt), which is a Friday. (Portland’s First Friday extravaganza.) Place TBA, but likely down town Portland, Maine somewhere on Congress St.. We will keep our collective fingers crosses that the sax tech working on Cranky’s axe will be done by then and in addition to that as with any Cranky performance all is weather/temperature/mood dependent, natch.


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